Afternoon session.

Patrick Naughton, Telecom One.

Primarily a telecoms carrier.


Probs with T-Mobile as can’t do interoperable numbers

TX1 channel is new

5-10,000 downloads in first month.

Nikki Causer, Head of Pop Marketing, emap Performance

Smash Hits: TV, Web, Radio, SMS, Radio, you name it.

70% of Smach Hits readres have a mobile phone.

Decided wanted to:

Communicate with audience in their own launguage.

Build a smash hits community inclusive


Creat ethe playground buzz.

Receive invaluable feedback.

Pop Txt helps

Bridge dates between fortnightly issues and keep SH top of mind

Drive to purchase, tune in and logo on.

Remind them a day before magazine is out

Simple to subscribe, 12p a message, got to be over 12 to sign up.

Get three mates to sign up and they win a prize – drives viral marketing.

Every fortnight they take the key top 5 artists enquired of and send them relevant news/gossip.

Kids act as if speaking directly to one of their friends.

Subscribers are keen to interact directly with SH.

Most think they are talking directly to SH journos.

54% said they would buy SH more often becausde of Pop Txt, and 90% are happy to get messages from 3rd party brands.

Quotes they get back are: “They get their gossip and they’re friends think they know everything.”

SH has theur birthdays, and innoccence of teen market is that they are surprised they get a birthday message.

49,000 subscribers now.

Consider it a marketing cost – if it wasn’t they could have 200,000 users.

SH has learned:

You keep learning

Users text back all the time so adapt

Be relevant

Ads can working if they are relevant and offer something.


Miles Kemp, MD of K Technologies

Bunch of ex-Psion people and msuic (BMG) guys.

SMS is a marketing channel that is revenue grnerating as well. Great.

63% said they view SMS from trusted sources as “very acceptable” – higher than any other DM channel.

SMS Conversion rate is 11% acoss the baord

Cheap 4-5p a message.

Intiate, private

Target and Track.

The BAD NEWS IS SPAM SPAM SPAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Each time a spam appears there is a risk of the medium as a whole being devalued.

There’s a danger that SMS will go way of email/spam sector.

How avoid?


Creating a viral spread is the best way of innovating and not moving into the Spam arena.

Westlife mobile campaign

Combines SMS and voice, etc

SMS Westlife to a short code.

They are called back immediately with an exclusive album track not on radio (not premium rate).

They get entered into a cop to meet W.

Then you can reply back with your mates phone number to forward it to them. The message continues – like a chain letter.

190,000 fans last wekend. Got a 20% response rate.

20% forwarded it to a friend.

40% conversion rate on referred numbers.

This is viral marketing in action.

This way the kids know stuff before their mates and can show how cool they are.

TV, print, mobile, Internet – people can interact with your brand. All being powered by the mobile phone.

Mobile to TV

TV Ads being targetted at SMS users

Mobile news flashes and premium online billing to premium content on sites.

We wil see a virtuous circle all linked by mobile phone.

E.G. cross platform game app with major TV entertainemtn brand. Game goes on air. Vierwers can play it on their mobiles. It’s imediately a multi-player – encourgaed to play with mates. Then encouraged to comepte for prizes and see TV show again. League table online. Download game formats on desktop. (richer users experience). All this drives people back to the original TV show.

The Value prop for a marketeer is

Enhanced exposure


Great data capture – better than BARB.


George Kidd, director of

Funded by government therefore independent. DTI and Oftel relationship.

Anything premium rate they regulate. Internet, mobile – you name it. Not the sector but the mechanism.

In 4 weeks time directory enquiries will be premium rate charged.