Premier League to sue YouTube

The English Premier League will sue YouTube in the US for alleged copyright infringement and claims the site "knowingly misappropriated" its intellectual property by encouraging videos of matches to be viewed on its site. YouTube already faces a $1bn (£501m) lawsuit from Viacom over similar issues. US music publisher Bourne joins the League in the legal action launched in New York. Doe the League "get it"? It sounds like they

Microsoft and Yahoo! talk merger – opinion roundup

Here are some breaking views on the reported merger between Yahoo and and Microsoft today: WSJ: "A year ago, Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. explored the idea of combining to form a greater competitor to Google Inc. The talks led nowhere leaving Microsoft and Yahoo to forge their own paths in pursuit of Google. How did they do? Well, they're talking again." The Times: "Shares in Yahoo! jumped 18 per