Live blog- Hammersley talk on BBC’s social media experiment –

Live blog of Ben Hammersley talk at Frontline Club. – excuse typos/errors…. QUESTION (supplied by Graham Holliday and delivered by me) You had 91 twitter folowers, but you ‘follow’ just 2 Yu posted 44 pictures on flickr, but got few comments You had 110 subs on YouTube , 6,000 views, few comments, but replied twice The blog did not allow comments at all. Only 20 Facebook ‘friends’ Beyond any comments

Brunch Bites 1.0 – A new salon for a new era

Brunch Bites 1.0, the first “salon” style event from Bites Media (the new mini-network of digital business blogs: tbites, mediabites, mobbites, musicbites) went very well today. In attendance were a wide variety of people drawn from digital media, marketing, mobile, music and the startup world of Web 2.0. These included Luke Razzell who is currently developing a Facebook application called Blog Friends; Walid Al Saqqaf, co-founder of TrustedPlaces; David Jennings,