Twitter is a great service. Simple to set up. Easy to use. It’s based on SMS messaging, which is dead simple. But it’s a printing press for bores who tell you they are eating lunch. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s one of the first SMS systems with an API which creative programmers can put to good use. Thus, we have BBC Tech updates, Tube line Twitters, you name it. Now we even have Twitter Maps and Twitter vision. Great stuff. And hey, if you don’t like all the Twittering you can always turn it off, right? Personally I just re-route the ‘lunch eaters’ to a dedicated RSS reader like Twitterific and keep the more interesting Twitterers on my mobile. But Twitter is now having to pay to send out millions of SMS text messages a day on an almost global basis. They are getting no revenue from this, indeed it is a massive cost (unless I’m missing something?). So Twitter is going to have to find a way of making this work, or they are Twitter Toast.