Internet Protocol TV is set to be a very interesting new area both for existing broadcasters and new players. Why? Because it potentially lowers the barrier to entry for new players, and they may be from the Internet space, just as much as from the older TV industry.

Thus, below are the details for an event I’m organising for

I Want My IPTV (NMK)

date: 25/05/2006

time: 13:00 – 17:00

venue: 01zero-one, Hopkins St, Soho, London.

costs: Standard: £80.00

Reduced Rate: £50.00

Register and pay online here:

Or email or call Hannah Weimers (, or call her on 020 7911 5000, extension 3947)


Alternative broadband providers and utility companies are shaping the early IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) market, mainly using video over broadband phone lines, or cable networks…

These early adopters have unleashed a technology that is now causing widespread disruption across the telecoms marketplace and is starting to impact on the future strategies of the traditonal TV market.

But why is this happening? Broadband telcos are scrambling to make extra revenues as so much telephony switches to Internet systems like Skype and local-loop unbundling puts pressure on prices.

So is TV going to be the great white hope of the telecoms business? What are going to be the opportunities for content providers in this new era?

• Will film studios switch to dealing with British Telecom and AOL instead of BSkyB and Warner Cinemas?

• Will the barriers come down for indiependent TV production houses to create and distribute their material direct to the home?

• Are the major online media players like Yahoo!, MSN and Google poised to launch services aimed directly at the box in the living room?

This afternoon event from NMK will present the latest thinking from a panel of experts, featuring debate and networking afterwards.

Chaired by Mike Butcher, journalist & digital media consultant,



Dr William Cooper – Founder & Principal Consultant,

A specialist in interactive media services across multiple platforms, Cooper advises clients ranging from start-up companies to major corporations, providing a practical operational perspective. As head of interactive at BBC Broadcast, he operationally managed the successful launch and delivery of landmark interactive services on satellite, terrestrial and cable television across multiple channels and territories. Previously, as head of new media operations, he oversaw the exponential growth of the BBC’s online services. Prior to that, as product manager for the new media division of the Press Association, William led the launch of online syndication services, leading to the creation of a successful standalone business, subsequently acquired by Orange for £98 million.

Followed by Q & A

SESSION 1: IPTV – The “million channel” EPG, the broadcasters and the GYM Club.

What form will IPTV services take? And how will we navigate the myriad services available? What are the big online search firms like Google, Yahoo, MSN (GYM) planning in the realm of video into the living room?

The ISP Model: Broadband Internet TV

Richard Ayers – Head of Broadband Content, Tiscali

Interactive IPTV Case Study

Rob Walk – Managing Partner, NovaRising

Further speaker to be announced soon.


SESSION 2: IPTV – Commercial opportunities for SMEs/indie TV production houses

Digital Broadcasters and their Strategies

Scott Gronmark – Interactive Media Consultant, Scott Gronmark Associates

HypTV Case Study

Bob Palmer – CEO and Creative Director, Hyp TV

Opportunities for Start-ups in the IPTV World

Alexander Cameron – Digital TX Limited