Today Lefsetz rants about…how music labels had the media on their side “but, by not coming up with a reasonable alternative to P2P, or authorizing it, and SUING traders, they’ve lost all their good will.” The next email was effectively spam, forwarded from a firm touting for people to call video shows requesting songs. Talk about outsourced pluggers. Next email today (three so far, and counting) was about how he discovered some decent tracks on Kate Bush’s Ariel album, but it took random events to find them, since he didn’t round to listen to the final tracks: ” After all, these albums don’t come with instruction booklets, which track to play first, to get hooked. After all, these albums are supposedly works of art… But in a world where the history of recorded music is available at one’s fingertips for free, one needs an introduction, one needs to be shown the way, it’s not like the old days, where you spent fifteen bucks and PLAYED the damn album, since you had so much invested.”