Olly Barnes of U-Myx.com, said the had an “amazing response” at In the City.

“Every person we wanted to see, we#039ve seen. Everyone from Ted Cohen to iTunes,” he added.

“For us, producers are bread and butter for U-Myx, and there are masses of producers are here. As well as publishers, who have an opportunity to exploit their catalogues using U-Myx.

Any regrets? “Not seeing the Idiot Pilots – I would have done anything to see them.”

He said U-Myx is “about music not technology. In the last year we#039ve worked with Paul McCartney, Muse, the Killers, New Order. We expected 20 release this year, and we#039ve now going to be over 60.”

U-Myx songs are more expensive, at £2 on iTunes, meaning labels get to sell a track at a premium.

“It won#039t be for absolutely everyone, but 30-40% of a fanbase would, according to our research, jump for the U-Myx version.”