I went to the O2 Wireless Festival tonight in Hyde Park (see Flickr images, left).

I’ll be brief. Babyshambles were OK. You can see the appeal. Endearingly shambolic. Kasabian were in a league of their own however. Truly, the Happy Mondays for the noughties, but with a little more edge, and seriousness. They will go far. Killer basslines and hooks. I love a bass player who just stands there and does nothing but belt out amazing riffs.

Anyway, the point of 02’s vast sponsorship exercise was to get people to text messages and MMS pictures of themselves to the stage video screens.

Well, it kind’ve worked.

There was something slightly uncool about the whole idea however. It’s a bit like your uncle asking you to come up at the wedding and play peas pudding hot on the recorder for the rest of the family. Taking a picture of yourself and MMSing it to the stage screen.. well, maybe a few teenagers enjoyed it… I can see it rapidly losing its novelty, however.