European unions forged online

This week I wrote a piece for the Financial Times about social software in the UK/Europe. Somewhere along the line (sub editing and the limitations of print) it was shortened, so at the risk of putting something unedited out there (yes, even in the age of blogging, some of us think peer editing is important), here’s the unedited version. I had a lot to say… : European unions forged online

Hitch-Hikers is great

I went to a press preview of the Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy last week. All I can say is that it was fantastic. Dougls Adams (who I had the privilege of meeting once, back in the day) would be proud. As a small boy in the early 80s, I joined a club at school where the pasword was Xanthric Restructron Destabalising Xenon Emitter. Nuff said. Go see the