The Playboy site made losses of $5.1 million in the last quarter of 2001, which fell to $284,000 for the same period last year. The site enjoyed a small operating profit of $83,000, excluding a $6.6 million one-off charge. Playboy predicts that this year its online revenue will increase, while its publishing division revenue will be stable. TV revenues are likely fall in 2003. For 2002, Playboy Enterprises Inc.’s net

US Online ads set for rebound

The report also finds that * Marketers plan a long-term shift away from traditional media-based advertising * Advertisers will turn toward new forms of online ads: bigger banners, skyscrapers, and large ad swatches. * Rich media is poised to take off. * Advertisers are starting to move back to branding after a shift toward direct response marketing. * The demand for online marketing will increase as mainstream shoppers increasingly turn

Wi-Fi booming, but not good for the military

Unfortunately, since the band is already open for use in the United States, Japan and Europe and more than 50 manufacturers make products that operate in these bands, it might be a bit late to address these concerns. Oh dear. The other factor to consider is that the Wireless Lan market is set to soar, reports VNUnet. Analyst are predicting sales growth of more than 60 per cent through to