Microsoft in talks to buy Vivendi arm (FT)
Music downloads at Easy web cafes infringed copyright (FT)
WorldCom sells ex-chief’s ranch (Times)
LSE buys cheap data provider (Telegraph)


New media analysis:


The Financial Times

Microsoft in talks to buy Vivendi arm

Christmas ‘rush’ and share sales keep UMC afloat

Toshiba buoyed by strong Asian chip demand

Veritas reports loss and issues warning

Music downloads at Easy web cafes infringed copyright

BBC challenge withdrawn

AOL looks to sell book publishing unit

Parents plough more money into SonyEricsson

France Telecom earnings to beat expectations

The Times

WorldCom sells ex-chief’s ranch,,5-558515,00.html

Kingston accuses rivals of aggressive pricing,,5-558415,00.html

ARM delivers flat forecast,,5-558420,00.html

The Guardian

Games Workshop cashes in on Tolkien effect,3604,884305,00.html

BT ‘wireless’ launch boosts IT sector,3604,884304,00.html

Telecom firms cast off cable,3604,884301,00.html

Music chiefs win net cafe ruling,3604,884303,00.html

LSE buys cheap data provider,3604,884321,00.html

The Independent

Record labels win case against Stelios

The Daily Telegraph

Daron’s big idea clicks in

BBC slated for free school software

WorldCom to sell Ebbers ranch

Vodafone blasts regulators

Wall Street Journal (subsciption required)

Vodafone plans MSN service

Vodafone plans MSN service

AOL sells Hughes stake for $800m,,SB1043796069776870504,00.html?mod=home_whats_news_europe

US News

RealNetworks reports narrower loss on cost cuts

AT&T Wireless Narrows 4th Quarter Loss

Sony, Ericsson to Invest in Joint Venture

Apple cuts prices in bid to jog sales



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