I’m looking for speakers on Role-Playing Games

I’m organising an event for NMK, called My So-Called Second Life. It’s an afternoon seminar on the opportunities for creative firms and investment in the new world of MMORPGs (massively mulltiplayer online role playing games). Why is this interesting? Well, the likes of Disney and the directors James Cameron are getting into the area, along with a new wave of technology and media firms. If you think you could contribute

Reflections on AlwaysOn and Silicon Valley

AlwaysOn is not your typical conference. During the two and a half days it was on, it ranged from discussions about data to user generated content to venture capital to mobile. Quite a range. This was both a strength and a weakenss, but the audience handled it all with aplomb. Perhaps the hottest topic at the event was social media and in particular the rise of sites like YouTube and

Will the UK catch the Web 2.0 wave? Or a burst of Bubble 2.0?

“They stole our revolution. Now We’re stealing it back”. So runs the tagline at the end of the weekly email newsletter for technology geeks, NTK.net. And although the slogan has been running since 1997, in 2006 the slogan has never been more appropriate. Standing outside a cold London town hall, watching hordes of mostly fresh-faced young men (I counted six women among 800) file in to a conference on the

Dead pages

I love dead pages about people who have long since changed what they do. For instance, Ivan Pope on Channel 4’s site is long gone (about 5 years) from PreGenesis and is now The Man Who Invented the Internet. I guess it just goes to show how big C4’s site must be – perhaps they should use RSS feeds from people to keep their site current instead? Hence they could