A new project: Using social media tools to report the world

It’s highly timely that today we learn that the BBC has sent journalist Ben Hammersley to cover Turkey’s upcoming election using blogging, del.icio.us, Flickr, YouTube, and Facebook as a means of distribution. Because I’m working with two entirely independent journalists, who don’t have the BBC’s resources, to do almost the same thing during a three month trip to two Latin American countries. We have dubbed the project “Letters from Latin

MediaFlo aims for TV lead

Qualcomm’s MediaFlo says it will beat DVB-H installations by year end. MediaFlo expects to overtake its TV-to-mobile rivals by the end of the year, helped by distribution and take-up on two main US wireless networks (Verizon and AT&T), a surge in Italy and its Korean DMB system. Speaking at BroadcastAsia, Omar Javaid, VP/business development for MediaFlo said MediaFlo also has a commitment from Japan’s KDDI to start transmissions, while Nokia’s