Anyone interested in the London tech-networking scene will be aware of one of the better ones, namely Second Chance Tuesday. SCT was founded a couple of years ago when the tech sector came out of the cold, in part as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the first great networking shindig, First Tuesday, which boomed then imploded back in the day. That event started out as a cocktail party in Soho's Alphabet bar, but went on to be franchised out to many cities around the globe before it was sold for several million smackeroonies. Meanwhile SCT has done well to capitalise on its older namesake and actually run a few events worth going to in recent months.

But now, out of nowhere, First Tuesday has decided to re-animate itself like some kind of crazed zombie from 28 Weeks Later (or perhaps the bath tub scene in Fatal Attraction?). Winging it's way over to Bites Towers was an email today from one Christer Holloman "Chief Executive, First Tuesday UK":

"Are you in?
. . . as a former highly valued patron we would like to invite you to our launching event in London after the summer but first we would like to ask you to please reply a blank email (but feel free to include your job title, and company name/employer) to this address to confirm that you are still interested in hearing from us. If you prefer us to send information to another email address, just write that in your reply. Win 1 of 7 annual memberships in daily raffle! Over the next 7 days we will be giving away 1 annual membership per day (worth £440-£740) among those of you that re-register with us. If you are one of the winners, we will send you an email to notify you within 24h of your reply."

We confirmed with Holloman via email that First Tuesday is indeed back to bring us all together (as if Chinwag Live, SCT, Glasshouse, NMK and countless other events weren't enough already).

Holloman says: "Today we have only contacted old members asking them to verify their details and already we have 500 people in London interested to attend the first event and I am still working my way through the list as we speak. I haven’t released that information to anyone, so you are the first to hear that." He says the "official" announcement will be made in 4 weeks time, assuming it's needed by then of course…

If Google is correct, this is the same Christer Holloman who has some prior experience in networking, given that last year he created the Business Wise Network for entrepreneurial students, and all. For all our sakes, I do hope it is.