The University of Westminster’s New Media Knowledge (NMK) programme is taking applications from people who would like to speak or appear on a panel at its annual new media conference in June this year. I am a journalist helping to produce the content for this year’s event, and am the first point of contact for anyone wanting to appear on stage at the event (though NMK has final say). I’m also interested in hearing form any bloggers who would like to “cover” the conference.

The day-long conference will feature panellists and digital industry luminaries from across the UK, along with international guests and keynote speakers. This year the conference will focus on getting real dialogue going between attendees and feature heavyweight sections about digital media, marketing, advertising, communities (social media etc) and commerce. This year’s programme is still in formation but in past years the keynote speakers have included people such as Bradley Horowitz (Vice President of Product Strategy – Yahoo!), Marc Canter (CEO – Broadband Mechanics) and Shel Israel (Author – Naked Conversations).

The event this year promises to be a fantastic opportunity to network and make contact with the UK’s new media “movers and shakers”. Last year NMK ran the highly successful and well-regarded Content 2.0 event, the archive of which is here.

Some topics we’ll cover:

– The new platforms for media and advertising

– Entertainment in the new digital world

– Connected Consumers

– The new metrics of measurement in the attention economy

– Mobile as a media and social entity

– Brand strategy in the digital economy

– The future for search

– Social media’s next steps

– The UK’s top technology startups

– Second Life, Virtual worlds, and the next stage

So, email me to:

• Indicate if you would like to *apply* to speak and on what topic area

• Indicate if you would like to participate on a panel

• Indicate if your company would be interested in sponsoring any aspect of the event (sponsor packages will including branding, networking/hospitality sponsorship, web/mobile sponsorship etc)

• Indicate if you have a blog relevant to the event and would like to be considered for the “Bloggers’ Bullpen”

Please contact me about any of the above, and please also remember that although we can’t fit absolutely everyone in (even though I’d like to), there will be PLENTY of opportunity to make your voice heard.