So, a little more on my trip here. I got here Sunday, contending with the now familiar terror scare , to find Tokyo sweltering in heat and humidity. Luckily the evening was bearable enough to venture out for a meal in a down-home local place. The next day a short trip out of the city showed a little more of the real Japan – miles of rice paddies (all subsidised to the eyeballs I gather), and dotted in between were small cemetaries in between. The Japanese cremate their dead, so no health worries there! Lunch was a burger at the Very Very Cafe. It’s called ‘Western Style’, but there are no cowboy hats to be seen… In the evening a nice meal at a ‘posh’ Japanese restaurant, complete with Saki and toasts. That evening I had a lot of fun hanging out with the Japan Bloggers group watching a summer festival fireworks display. To get there I met with with Stuart Woodward who handily guided us to the party via the GPS on his mobile phone. I also met up with the people from Enfour who were very cool and do a lot on mobile products here. The next day I hung out at Akihubara, the electronics district. Traditionally this area is full of geeks and even the likes of Joi Ito. But quite what the whole thing with “maids” costumes is, I have not idea (something called “Cosplay” and “isn’t as fetish driven as it might appear at first glance”. Right). Next day I took in views of Tokyo and went to the Sony Tower where all manner of products was on display, including the UMX, which frankly is a really dumb idea, being too heavy for a phone and not as useful as a laptop. Like a mug I went to Takeshita St, mainly to check if the Elvis impersonators were still there, only to find that teenagers in Tokyo look like teenagers everywhere else – like they live in LA.