Remind me never to go to Heathrow when there is a security scare on. It took about 4 hours of chaos and queueing to get to the departure gate, then another hour to get through the takng off of shoes and the patting down of clothes. Although I sprinted to the gate, the plane ended up not taking off for another hour while the captain had the bags of the unfortunates who hadn’t made it removed from the hold. A connection to Tokyo from Frankfurt left without me (and who can blame them – Frankfurt wasn’t on high alert, afterall) which meant another 4 hour wait for the next plane. I got to Tokyo mid afternoon on Monday and felt better after getting to the hotel room and going out for dinner with some people here. Alfie Goodrich described Tokyo to me as the “closest thing to going ‘off-world’ you’ll get” and he was right. The place does have a spooky Blade Runner feel to it. Especially when the humid rain starts to fall in the afternoon and people rush by in umbrellas.