A boat trip to Tallinn

I wandered back to the hotel, through Helsinki’s dark, icy streets. Past the brutish contrasts of the heavy, carved stone of Central Station, looking like a set piece from a Gothic Batman movie, and the blinking illuminated signs on the side of the angular glass office buildings. After packing the essentials into a back-pack I flicked robotically through the TV channels, from CNN to the Russian variety show and the

Bowbrick will be pleased

Steve Bowbrick, former co-founder of Webmedia, the seminal web agency of mid- 90s Internet-crazed London, will no doubt be delighted to learn that there is now a “Webmedia” in Estonia, according to the New York Times. I guess it’s no coincidence that the new tech boom has moved over to former Soviet Union countries and emerging economies like India. Webmedia London, RIP. Webmedia Estonia, may you live long and prosper…