It’s not said often enough – especially by me – that John Handelaar is one OK bloke. Way back, I met John during the unbelievably bad Internet slump of 2002 when to say you’d been involved in the boom was a little like admitting you’d been rigging UN aid funds to Las Vegas during Live 8. John helped me put together, hung around and helped when times were tough and was generally, in the old fashioned sense, a good egg. Together we rebuilt the Media Week site (to this day they’ve kept our original design and structure although the database is now different), among others, and chatted many times about the Web and radio webcasting, a passion of his, long before podcasting came into vogue. He also introduced me to the delights of Drupal, which I see many bloggers deserting WordPress for. There basically isn’t a web site site or a webcasting project that couldn’t benefit from John’s knowledge. It’s really that simple.