Check out the event I’m organising for 01Zero-One. It’s titled “Ambient Media: The poster that talked back”. There is more info here, see below for the gist:

Outdoor or “ambient” advertising has always, by its very nature, been static. But now brands are going mobile via the poster…

Mobile owners are being invited to enter competitions or download content and offers. The possibilities, as Bluetooth becomes more widespread, could be endless – and not all welcome.

So who are the companies behind these developments? What have been the results on the ground so far? And will we face a future where we are swamped by adverts on every street corner? With players including Blucasting (behind recent campaigns for Coldplay) and Hypertag, this InSync session will look at the latest innovations and trials, and at how brands and media owners are responding to this brave new mobile world.

Attendance is free. If you wish to attend, please RSVP to

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