I’m going to the Apple event tonight. Think Secret has changed its mind about it just being upgrades to the Powerbooks and now admits it may actually be the video iPod. I think the telling sentence is this: “Rumors have swirled for months concerning Apple’s sale of music videos at the iTunes Music Store, and those plus video podcasts and television broadcasting appear better positioned at this point for a video iPod than feature length films.”

User-generated content (UGC) is already ‘the next big thing’ (blogs, podcasts) and its extension to video is, well, certain. Apple has a history of getting there before the content companies in order to *sell more hardware*. They did it with iTunes, afterall. By adding Podcasts to the iTunes store they showed they were out to facilitate the explosion in user-generated media, to make it easy to distribute via iPods. A similar angle on video would seeem to make a lot of sense. Vcasting anyone?