I’ve decided to pull back from a couple of things I’ve been doing lately and make myself more available for new projects. No, that is not a round-about way of saying ‘gizzajob’! And I’ll still be writing for the usual suspects.

I’m just saying I’m a ‘gun for hire’. There are a number of interesting things going on right now, so it seems like the right time to be open to new possibilities.

So any editors, companies, start-ups, or anyone else who thinks they could use me (freelance I mean), feel free to get in touch. For more info see here.

Indeed, even if you can’t ‘use me’ but you’d like to meet up for a chat, go ahead.

One of the things I’ll be doing soon is speaking to a conference of editors about blogs, and organising an event about the convergence between ambient media and mobiles. Should be fun…