Channel 4 gets it wrong

I’d like to be able to register on the Channel 4 Dispatches web site forum to discuss the programme on right now. I’d like to. But guess what? You have to register (fine) but your registration “may take up to 24 hours to be approved. If you do not verify your account within four days then your account will be deleted and you will have to register again.” Oh dear.

Just another Joe Bloggs

The following is an article by a journalist colleague, Robert Dwek. He doesn’t have a blog, but as this is such a good article (first published in Marketing Week magazine), I offered to post it here. Enjoy. Read on… Are you familiar with something called MSM? Do you like fisking? Do you frequent the Blogosphere? No, Iā€™m not referring to exotic sexual practices in a subterranean night club. I am