The best election analysis

As usual, Polly Toynbee talks the most sense: “This is still Labour’s third great win with a majority that would have seemed handsome enough to previous Labour governments. When the votes are combined with the Lib Dems’ strongest showing since its alliance with the SDP in 1983, there is no major rightward shift. So that social democratic wind of change in 1997 was no temporary symptom of momentary Tory failure.

It’s over

It looks like the landslides are over for Labour. Meantime, The blogs rattled on. The BBC one was pretty thin. The Guardian’s better. My favourites gadgets were on the BBC site, especially the swingometer – aiding ready reckoning on the swing as the numbers came in. Watching TV, The BBC had the better line-up of pundits I think, but Sky’s coverage was graphically intersting, if a bit over the top