It’s not social software it’s smedia!

Ivan Pope has re-invented the term “social software” as “social media” – or “smedia” as he’s branded it. The short story is he thinks there is a business in blogging inside businesses as a form of knowledge management. He’s late to this thinking compared to the US (see for instance), but probably early in terms of the UK/European market.

Nathan Barley fails to impress

Nathan Barley is a great idea for a show – the piss-take of the Hoxtonesque/London media-luvvy-come ‘web designer’. But there are a couple of problems with it. It could be about 4 or 5 years too late – all the really trendy web designers left Clerkenwell years ago after the crash. (Or perhaps that’s the point – the best ones left way back then, leaving the dubious ones behind?) But