A Jupiter analyst writes:

The biggest problem facing social networks, aside from their lack of a workable business model, is that users don’t stick around very long. Friendster has around 10 million registered users, but only one million visit the site in any month. It appears that people register, play around for a week or two, figure out that there’s really no point to a social network, and then never come back. (And no, dating isn’t really a use of social networks.

Evite’snew social networking tool pulls in bar and restaurant data from their sister property Citysearch, plugs that data into a customised Evite interface, and then tells you what your friends think about those bars and restaurants. Personalized city guides!

Evite still needs to get its users to come rank the bars and restaurants – but they’ve got a database of 66 million emails.

(Via Nate Elliott)