In all, Hollinger International seeks damages totaling $1.25 billion.

The suit alleges Black used company money to fund his lavish lifestyle, including household staff like chefs, butlers and chauffeurs. He even billed the company $90,000 to refurbish his 1958 Silver Wraith Rolls Royce while his wife charged Hollinger International for a tip she gave the doorman at Bergdorf-Goodman, a snazzy Manhattan store, according to the suit.

Barbara Amiel received $1.1 million in salary and bonus from the company for doing “little, if any, work” from 1999 through 2003, the suit says. She also got director’s fees and stock options worth millions, and Hollinger International pledged $250,000 to charity on her behalf. The complaint also says Black, Amiel and Radler charged the company $4.6 to $6.5 million per year for corporate jet travel, though they used it to fly among their various houses.