A French DJ reached No7 in Germany through a massive campaign with T-Mobile.

Being a reseller doesn’t work for operators. Content providers want to promote the content/music.

Mobile industry needs to better understand the music industry.

Content is king, but marketing is queen.

Music labels do care about money not just promotion.

Rights management is very complex. Artists are not coke cans.

We hate piracy and love DRM.

Mobile industry no cares about DRM. Japan 15 – 25% of revenues coming from content. iMode starts with DRM because they know that’s how to protect content revenues. In europe is different, but it’s changing.

Music services increase airtime use and loyalty

Mobile industry understands DRM better than othe rnew media industries.

Video greeting for voicemail on 3G created by Universal for Alcatel. – “Leave a message etc”


Cedric: “Artists looks at rigtones as a piece of shit!”

When I talk to Eminem, if he doesn’t write the song he can;t prevent it becoingin a rintone. But if you ask him to produce a special ringtone, he is more interested.

We try to work with artists to produce something really for them you can improve polyphonic ringtone.

If you talk to Bono it’s both an issue of creation and money. Eminiem doesn’t care about money. Young artist probably does.

With U2, we came to a point where U2 authorise specifically for universal polyphonic ringtones.

My team can exmpalin direct to Bono aou tthe mobile market.

6 billion ringtome doewnloads a year so U2 fans will want this content.

02’s music player is a good move but can;t store throusands of songs. Can’t comopare with iPod.

I dnes’t know if in 5 years if iPod wil have SIM card or if Nokia withh have hard drive.

In Korea they believe it will go online more.
Sony and T-Mobile and Universal soon. Recognised the mobiles can;t store lots of songs. So we have to rethink how music will be consumed. It will come quicker than expected.

In les than 3 years it will become clear.

Nokia 600 – 20MB of contacts takes longer to acces than a PC – so it’s hard.

Releasing songs only for ringtones???
Goos idea – work driectly with artists but remains a small market, pehaps just for DJs. Good marketing but not a big market.

Barry Williams Song Seeks, music clearnce rights firm,

Will Universal offer a commercial model to small services providers? Yes, but it’s abiut where mobile service prodiders want to be in the value chain.