Yahoo enlists broadband to kick-start Europe

Some 2.2m people have signed up for premium services in the US. Yahoo is looking to launch premium services in Europe in the first half of 2003. However, some might argue that Europe could prove more of a quagmire for Yahoo than it thinks. To start with there are a host of different providers, from former state monopolies to cables firms, to start-up ISPs. Plus, many take ‘bundled’ packages of

“Wireless razors” come on stream

Radio Frequency Identity tags (RFID) are attached to packs of Gillette Mach3 razor blades. Gillette says it is trialling half a billion of the chips in the US and UK. The tags can tell how much stock there is of a particular product; where it is; when it goes out of date; whether it has been paid for and if it has been recycled after use.