“Revolution’s daily news service will now be fulfilled by the new DigitalBulletin from Brand Republic which will be published in association with Revolution. All the daily news will continue to be published on www.revolutionmagazine.com starting tomorrow, Wednesday 15 January.”

It’s not clear yet (check tomorrow for updates), but the implication is that much of Revolution’s old daily news coverage will actually be subsumed into Brand Republic’s paid-for service. Although it seems it will still publish for free on the site, that’s basically the end of its newsletter service.

The move seems shortsighted, especially since email newsletters can be a low cost but valuable service. But since Revolution went monthly (or rather 10 times a year) I guess they just don’t see the point any more.

For a longer analysis on what this means for the ‘new media’ market visit our earlier story: Revolution goes weakly, no, monthly