Government content deal shows BBC the way

What this means in practise is that MSN has deep-linked inside existing government sites to add another Public Services channel to its site. Although eGov implies this is an exclusive deal, I don’t think it will be, as other commercial operates come begging for government content. This is all part of the government’s open ‘gateway’ project to work with public and private partners. This basically means that government will start

Signs point to tech and media recovery

This cautious optimism appears to be reflected in the tech sector, such as at ContractorUK which recently ran an article headlined “Ten pointers to an IT jobs market recovery”. Me? I think it’s all rubbish. The housing market – especiailly in the UK – has gone mad, and interest rates will have to go up. People will slam the brakes on their spending. Advertising will flatline again, and it’ll be

Ringtones and logos to die?

Somehow I think Strand is under-estimating the influences of fashion on the mobile market. Without the vast teenage population on mobile phones that Europe has, they may not have picked up on the buzz that courses through the teenage psyche when you have the latest ringtone from the Sugerbabes on your phone.