Firstly, although Rev. plans to continue updating its site for news (as Media Guardian’s Owen Gibson confirms), it surely can’t justify the manpower investment without a weekly magazine to support it. Which means probably just a couple of hacks tapping out press-release re-writes to keep things ticking over. So which site will win the lion share of Rev’s existing traffic when it drops down a gear? NMA – an obvious choice – is known to be considering (if not already implementing) a redesign, because they conducted a survey recently. Then there is Netimperative which could benefit.

But the loser in this game could well be BrandRepublic which currently takes a feed from Rev. Suddenly they will find themselves having to work a whole lot faster to stay current in the new media space. Will they get an extra reporter over from Rev. which won’t need the staff of a news weekly anywore? Quite possibly.

Either way, it’s impossible to see where things stand or how they’ll change since hardly anyone seems to have an ABC Electronic certificate. Somewhat ironic after so much carping out other sites not having them…

At least we can rest in the knowledge that, as Rev’s own bulletin board The Wall attests,’s Nancy Cruikshank will now only get “10 major features and interviews a year…..anyone else need an inciteful exclusive!?”