It started aroun 6-ish. ‘Bed’ is quite a funky venue in the trendy Smithfields area. People arrived in dribs and drabs till about 6.30pm when about 30 people arrived in one go and the thing just got better and better. With about 130 people turning up, out of 160 RSVPs, eventually there was actually not a lot of room, but people seemed to take it in good stride and it certainly made for a great atmosphere.

There were quite a lot of people from the hi-tech crowd, but it was interesting to see a range of other industries represented like the media, finance and creative.
Eventually people seemed to drift off after 10.30pm leaving a small hard core drinking and chatting into the night.

Many thanks to the organising committee.
Sanford Dickert
Elisabeth Varley
Mike Butcher (me)
Francesca Zardini

With help from:
Tracy Hoenninger
Kris Surroy
Aral Balkan
Rana Sarkar