Digital no pushover as as indie band looks to labels

Up and coming Scottish band Opal Sky says they are looking for a new label, despite doing their best in the digital world. Band spokesman “Tony” said although the band had pushed itself well online, it was still looking for the expertise of a label to give market and distribute the band, which has been compared to Maroon 5 fronted by Aretha Franklin singing Jeff Buckley. Apparently.

The first REAL find of ITC 05

MusicBites isn’t in the business of doing the A&R people’s job for them. We’re interested in the business. However. It is very hard to deny the unbelievable raw talent of Katie Forrester, who tore up an underground venue last night with both trad standards and edgy new street vocals. Together with rap act Mayhem Crew, Katie was, in a word, fantastic.We’re no experts. But we’d sign her. Like, er… now?